Comment: It's a total fiat scam from the get go.

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It's a total fiat scam from the get go.

All the value can disappear because there is no value there.

Are we supposed to trust these people? Even the Federal Reserve went through all those motions, calling itself part of the government, making itself theoretically answerable to the President, until all the smoke and mirrors disappear, you have no President, and we all recognize we're slaves to a scam.

Bit Coin is the most corruptible of systems and a threat to all productive labor.

Why not receipt money, privately operated and backed up with something of value?

You'll HATE it. Nobody will be able to just print money, and without fractional banking, nobody will be able to debase my money or loan it out to their shiester friends, charging interest and bankrupting my depository.

There are a lot better systems than an unabashed fiat scam like Bit(ch) Coin.