Comment: I Agree, Political Parties are an Anathema to Freedom

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I Agree, Political Parties are an Anathema to Freedom

I've written this before and I stand by it. It's the political party system that is the pernicious canker in government.

The genesis of a political ideology (i.e., "the party") starts by some individuals (the "founders") who profess to know how government should rule over the people. They create a creed of behavior by documenting a statement of principles. A core class of disenfranchised people are drawn to it and they pledge their loyalty to the group by joining it. They identify themselves as members, taking pride in the new knowledge imparted onto them by the founders and spread the “message” to others. The party grows in numbers.

Over the decades, something evil happens. A dark, insidious influence creeps into the conscientiousness of the current party leaders. A force so malevolent and hidden that its effect is not readily seen by the membership. It is the emergence of unbridled power and greed whose obedience is demanded by exaction of violence against others.

Like a seed, political power needs three things to blossom: a compliant public, an ongoing program of propaganda and at least one opposing ideology. Over time, the party dogma changes in order to gather new members to increase its population. The principles are amended and “stretched” even further to attract the most ambivalent citizens. The lust for power becomes insatiable to the point that every media statement about the benefit of the party has a base of lies beneath it. It is no longer the “original” party; it has transmuted itself into an entity that every political party eventually evolves into: tyranny. All political parties rot from within, none are immune from corruption. They cannot be repaired, renewed or recreated. They must be allowed to descend into oblivion.

Our government was founded on republican principles. Benjamin Franklin gave us warnings about what will happen in the future. He was asked this question outside Independence Hall when the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" Franklin responded, "A republic, if you can keep it."

Well, Franklin was right; we didn’t keep it and now it is lost to us because we failed to protect it. It has been debauched by fiat money and false patriotism. Our wealth has been stolen by trickery and acts of despoliation, all because of the political party system.

Stop pledging fealty to political parties. Let go your involvement and ignore them. Do not give them credibility by identifying yourselves with them. Without your complicity, they cannot exist. Strip them bare of their power to control you. Make them into shapeless ghosts.

Wear the amulet of independence, liberty and freedom around your neck, not the yoke of oppression brought about by association with political parties.