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Your entire argument... based on your personal religious/spiritual belief structure...

noun /ˈbābē/ 
A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born

It's not a baby, it's a fetus. Your belief's bias shows through your word usage/exaggeration.

I'm NOT comfortable with terminating POSSIBLE "life"... hence why I am PERSONALLY pro-life. But I can't force my subjective beliefs onto someone else and then enforce them to act as though what may POSSIBLY be true is in fact true, when it's only supporting, not conclusive evidence of a subjective definition "The beginning of 'life'".

I can in all of the logic and reasoning I've offered, express the reasons why I wouldn't get an abortion for the sake of POSSIBLY ending a 'life', and still respect a person's choice to take that risk because I COULD be wrong.

God might exist and he might not. I'm not going to act as though the supporting evidence of either side of that argument is true when there's nothing conclusive on either side. In that being that way... I'm not going to let a "what if" dictate my life.

In the same logic, but different perspective, I'm not willing to take the "what if" risk when it comes to the possible life outside of my own.

Against this extremely liberal girl I had hung out with... I used the "if you're driving in a car that cannot stop and never look back and I say to watch out for that box because there MIGHT be a child inside of it... and you hit it... and there is one... then that's your fault... but we may never find out if there was or not." Her response was "well what about a box of worms... do they have rights too? I quickly pointed out that her question didn't invalidate the point I was making and she was avoiding it. I never saw her after that lol

The difference between you and me is that you'll use every bit of supporting evidence to make your argument... while I can acknowledge that it's only supporting and that the person needs to make their own choice regarding something NONE OF US has the authority to determine or enforce.

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