Comment: Stand up for what?

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Stand up for what?

This is 2012, not 1860. What does Alabama stand for? Cultural issues aside, how it is any different than New York or California? There is absolutely no comparison between the South of 1860 and the South of 2012. The South of 1860 was dominated by the Jeffersonian Democrats (aka classical liberals, aka libertarians), and seceded in protest of the Republicans' mercantilist program (tariffs, industrial subsidies, central banking). What would the South secede over today? Obama's not fighting enough wars for their liking? Not violating enough civil liberties in the name of the War on Terror? Not "leading from the front," whatever that means. Doing too much "apologizing for America," whatever that means? It's a shame, but the politics of the South seems to me to be the exact antithesis of what it used to they got Stockholm Syndrome from the years of military occupation.

Before any State secedes, at least one State needs to stand for something worth seceding over.

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