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"The doctor would be guilty

"The doctor would be guilty of murder, but only because that patient at one time was able to survive on its own for even a moment."

The doctor would be guilty of murder because he prematurely ended the life of the patient. A life that would have continued normally if not for the doctor's intervention.

I agree there are many subjective definitions of when life begins and there are some objective ones as well: conception, heart beat, brain activity. Objectivity does not equal validity. I know my defintion that life begins when the heart starts beating is an opinion. I can, however, back my opinion up with observable phenomena that support it.

In another post, you asked when a woman's egg becomes not her's anymore. Personally, I think it should be when the woman made the choice to engage in sexual activity and accepted the risk of possible pregnancy. Unfortunately, personal responsibility for our own actions is being replaced by governmental intervention designed to alleviate us of responsibility.

Some may say that is unfair to the woman. What in the Constitution garauntee's a Right to Fairness? The Constitution tries to create an equality of opportunity, not outcomes. You have the right to the opportunity to pursue your goals, but there is no garauntee the outcomes will be what you wanted. If a person's goal is to have sex and they get pregnant, they have no one but themselves to blame and should accept the outcome of their actions. Abortion alleviates them of the responsibility for their actions.