Comment: no system of government can ever work without . . .

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no system of government can ever work without . . .

the basics of honesty (integrity) and virtue.

When I see how many people took Romney's 'religion' as a guarantee for his honesty . . . I realized how far gone this nation was/is.

REAL integrity, as in honor, as in a man/woman's word is his honor--

and virtue, where they exist, almost negate the need for government.

People who are honest talk about the 'best' forms of government, while people who are dishonest rob, cheat and lie to others in every/any form of government.

I've given up. Until people CARE; until people want to be good; until people honestly don't want to hurt anyone else--

there is no hope for peace or civilization.

IF people were completely honest and upright and virtuous, it wouldn't matter what form of government--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--