Comment: Bitcon is a Con and they are targeting libertarians

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Bitcon is a Con and they are targeting libertarians

Bitcon is constantly marketted to libertarians. The radio shows, FSP, free press, and now this ECP press release costs a lot of money. Who is funding this marketing? Is it really organic grassroots? Who wrote Bitcoin? Was it an anonymous Japanese programmer like they tell you? Who was behind the hacking/looting of a Bitcoin bank several months ago? Does open source mean peer reviewed? Who has the credentials and qualifications to peer review the code? Can you know if a vulnerability was coded by accident or coded with malice? Who are these people who spend their entire days vehemently defending Bitcoin? What are they getting out of it? Is it fair to brand it as an Austrian school of thinking? Do these people even have a clue about sound money to begin with? What exactly is Bitcoin backed by?

A scratch beneath the surface and you discover this program comes from an unknown/untrusted source, has not been peer reviewed by anyone remotely qualified to do so, has already been hacked, is not secure, is not backed by anything, and there is a hidden hand of support funding this endevor.

But don't rock the boat because there will be 3 self proclaimed experts on here telling you otherwise until they are blue in the face.