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Comparing communism

as a parallel to what the NT details in Acts is way off base, because even though everyone happily shared with each other, it was done out of love of Christ and each other; however, everyone was required to participate in someway (except in cases of inability to contribute, such as illness or handicap) and those that were unwilling to work were not given food or sustinance (i.e. no laziness or freeloaders were allowed!). That is completely different than a welfare state were some are forced to work to provide food and benefits to those who are unwilling to do so for themselves, or unable because they decided to have 5 children out of wedlock with no father figure to provide for them. What is described in the bible is more like a loving community based on love of each other and love of God where all participated in the well being of each other and the society of believers....far, far different than communism as it is was seen in Russia or China where the very existence of God is denied and people unwilling to work were cared for by forcing those that did work to take care of them.