Comment: Individual freedom, rights

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Individual freedom, rights

Individual freedom, rights and the law applied and enforced equally to individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds will get you not only the Hispanic vote but the Black, White, Muslim, Asian, Indian, Italian, etc. vote. No TOKEN Hispanic, African American or Women propped up by the Republican establishment who subscribes to the same totalitarian, fascist and crony capitalist policies will get you a majority of the minority and women's vote. Look at Herman Cain enough said.

It's not skin color its policy! Does skin color and|or origin contribute to more votes yes but integrity, policy and how you communicate that policy will get you elected. Again please remember Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both ran for president. Skin color and|or ethnicity does not get you into office. It is FOX News propaganda to rile up low information white voters who are part of the Republican base (Democrats do the same thing with urban blacks and I am black so no one needs to take offence. It sadly is a technique used by both parties in their get out the vote campaigns). They push this garbage about how we need to die for Israel's democracy, how WAR and the use of sanctions means peace, etc.

Now yes race will contribute to your vote total but at the end of the day policy and how you communicate that said policy is what gets you votes and always will. Obama even though he had shity polices Romney's polices where the same as Obama. In the end it was a wash from a policy stand point between the two so Obama destroyed him from a communication (demagoguery and propaganda) stand point.