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But that's essentially the

But that's essentially the same problem we have with regular money, that's my point. Thieves can't print money. Stealing our money is much easier than trying to counterfeit it. What users must do, is go to some lengths to secure their wallets. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT PEOPLE USING BC MUST DO. And are doing.

Regular money has essentially the same problem you are accusing BC of. Some lengths must be taken to secure the wallet, this is a problem that both regular users of money share and BC users.

Anyways, I'm open to good arguments people have why they think BC will fail. It's not like I have any money in BC, so I have nothing to gain by defending BC. I'm open to GOOD reasons and information that people have on this subject. To me, it's more a case of being able to understand than me advocating this or that.