Comment: I apologize... I misread...

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I apologize... I misread...

...the part regarding "soul/life force".

Turns out we agree with each other for the most part.

We agree that we would take the risk given the fact that we don't have the knowledge to know... so we don't want to POSSIBLY take the life by assuming there isn't one.

BUT... in that same essence... we cannot force someone else to not take that risk either... as there is a very good chance that none of us will ever know in our lifetimes an objective definition as to the beginning of life.

Those that think they have an objective definition because of how hard they believe it are simply willfully ignorant to the contrary. They cannot imagine their belief POSSIBLY being wrong... because they can't handle living in a world built upon that belief structure being open to questioning.

The most irrelevant thing people have posted here is their reasoning and personal beliefs... as NONE of them matter when comes to a libertarian policy regarding abortion.

Those that say they're trying to defend "life" are using the circular logic of "I know it needs protecting because my personal belief tells me it's life and because it's life it needs protecting."... key part being that it's their subjective personal beliefs holding that together.

They take their opinion and believe it to be fact and expect others to accept it as such.

It detracts from the topic... such as most debate over abortion...

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