Comment: We agree that Rubio is not a

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We agree that Rubio is not a

We agree that Rubio is not a 'natural born citizen'.

Rubio is a naturalized citizen.

Where we are disagreeing is that children of citizen parents whether born here or abroad, based on the definition of 'natural born citizen' as used in the Constitution, are 'natural born citizens'. Regardless of what the current law says - they do not need to be naturalized. They may need to be registered but they are natural born and can be president.

The other thing is anchor-babies. Yourself and many others think that a child born to aliens while in the US are US citizens of some lesser type - this is not true under the constitution. Their status follows that of their parents. They are citizens of the country of their parents not of the US. IOW, the ancho-baby issue is moot. There is no such thing. This is the result of Wong Kim.