Comment: An ordinance or code perhaps? Consult natural & Common law.

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An ordinance or code perhaps? Consult natural & Common law.

Whose law? Your state legislature passes laws. Your local government does something else. More or less, I don't know. Sit at town council meetings and observe quietly their action. Then study what action you wish to take. You may have to assert your right to your enjoyment of your property. Take time to observe others. Learn from their actions. Much of the town council action is spending other people's wealth. Taxpayers and property owners seek ways to enjoy their wealth & other property themselves.

This means, with neighbors agreement, most local issues may remain local. With neighborhood support, most town councils go along to get along. Most all issues such as restricting property use are the taking of property rights (what you can do with your own property). Natural & common law doctrine roughly abide, 'Government cannot take a man's property, nor restrict his use of it without just compensation.' Just compensation is seldom pro-offered. There is a long history of restriction being placed on private land use, only to be removed by concerted clams against the state by property owners. Eliminate the restriction or pay just compensation.

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