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Conception is a more

Conception is a more objective definition that viability. I don't agree with conception either, but viability is to malliable a yardstick to base moral judgements like, "When would abortion be considered murder?"

By your viability arguement:

A fetus is aborted at 15 weeks, several weeks before viability with today's technology. That's not considered murder.

Ten years ago, a fetus could be aborted by partial birth abortion performed up to 23 weeks That is murder now, but it wasn't 10 years ago.

A fetus is aborted at 30 weeks which would be viable in all except the poorest countries. That is murder.

A woman today can't abort a 23 week fetus in the United States because it is considered viable. She goes to another country where 23 weeks isn't considered viable and has the fetus aborted. Is that murder, or isn't it?

Murder is murder, its definition doesn't change over time and with changes in technology or geographical location.

A beating heart is objective, and static over time.