Comment: I agree theoretically with Larken Rose of course...

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I agree theoretically with Larken Rose of course...

And would love for everyone to agree with him, however, I want to point something out.

There is no way to lawfully kill or shoot a cop, unless you are wealthy and famous (Tupac).

The government makes the laws, and they decide when you have broken them, so why on earth would you believe that they would ever acknowledge that you fought against the government lawfully?

I still support in theory the video in terms of defending your rights, and only disagree with the many comments here referring to the difference between "lawful" and "unlawful" resistance. It is all unlawful and you should make the determination based on whether your *real* rights are being violated and not whether the rights afforded you by some piece of paper can lawfully be defended.

My great grandfather chased "revenuers"(IRS) off his land with a shotgun. And never served a day in jail over it, and was never pestered by the "revenuers"(IRS) again.

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