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If there was brainwashing it

If there was brainwashing it would sound like that. There is absolutely no political talk allowed from from the people training you. We were simply trained to respond to natural disasters, and working areas like literacy promotion in youth. I would be afraid if there was brainwashing, but I absolutely assure you that both my terms in AmeriCorps I was anything but brainwashed. I met people of all ages races genders religions and political affiliation. On my down time with the people I served with we often talked politics (not the people who run the program) and out of a 10 person team we had 2 libertarians, and 2 republicans, yes the rest were dems, but they were young and that is how it goes.

I am currently working on my masters in Holocaust Studies (no, that does not make me smarter than you, please do not take it that way, just take it as I am studying history) and I assure you there is no resemblence.