Comment: Baggage is NOT why Republicans lost again.

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Baggage is NOT why Republicans lost again.

Republicans lost again because the Republican establishment forced a liberal Republican on the electorate, thereby driving down Conservative turnout. Plus, Romney let Obama set the tempo, mainly because he didn't know how to defend the free market. Take the Lilly Ledbetter Act for instance. Obama gave women the impression that Romney would repeal it which would then open here door to massive discrimination agains women. Romney ran from he issue because he didn't know how to counter that. If he supported the LLA, then he in essence would be showing Conservatives that there really is no difference between him and Obama. If he opposed it, it would be political suicide.

An articulate, knowledgeable, fiscal Conservative would know to explain how laws like the LLA actually hurt women by causing male employers to avoid hiring women for fear of being hit with a lawsuit. It may help some women currently in the workforce, but, it indirectly keeps unemployed women and future women out of the professional workforce. "Baggage" is irrelevant if the Republican Party will learn Economics 101.