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He didn't say anything like

He didn't say anything like that. Of course everyone has the right to sell things for profit if they'd like. If I understood correctly, all he was saying is that it must be pretty nerve-wracking to be so heavily focused on maximizing profits rather than just enjoying producing what you produce and enjoying the fact that people like it enough to want to share it with others.

There's also the very complicated debate over the degree to which things you purchase ever actually become fully your property. Should yard sales be illegal? Do you use facebook to follow liberty oriented pages? What about all the pictures they post? Many of them are technically all rights reserved images where they should be paying not only to post those pictures, but to even have them stored on their computers in the first place. How are these pictures any different than songs or movies or anything else? Maybe you don't think they are.

The free market and capitalism is all about innovation and customer satisfaction. If capitalists care so much about profit, they should realize that being so stingy and focused on profit is a good way to loose customers. I'm a college student and I make most of my money through the art I sell. I write, I make music, and I make videos. Sometimes I charge people, but I always add that people who can't afford it I will lower the price for or give it to them for free. Most of the time I allow free access to my artwork and just allow people to contribute donations if they wish. To me, I feel much more comfortable sharing my "product" in this way instead of trying to squeeze every dime out of each person that wants a glimpse at my work. I don't care if people share my work. I don't care if they sell it. I don't care if they remix it. I don't even care if they don't give me credit. It's not about me, it's not about the money. Maybe for some people it is about money, and they embarrass themselves all they want and look like jackasses as they fight the lost cause of stopping all digital content sharers from sharing content. The people on their side are few and far between, and technology is making it easier and easier for people to share content. Get used to it.