Comment: "Normal" and "Weird" in America

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"Normal" and "Weird" in America

Unfortunately, this country is very far removed from what is was supposed to be, with regard to free speech and open-mindedness.

Someone made the point that Jack Hunter was correct to push away the WeAreChange folks over the Bilderburg question, because it makes Ron Paul and the liberty movement look bad. I disagree greatly because I think too many people in this country have their priorities messed up, and far too many people are closed-minded. The point made by the previously referenced person was that we wouldn't want someone calling into their CongressPerson's office and saying "Blah Blah Bilderburg, we're going to be killed, blah blah blah... Ron Paul." I guess unconventional speech being associated with a Ron Paul voter is a really bad/negative/damning thing?

Well, how about speech and attitudes which RESULT IN THE MURDERS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE? I ask, because that would be the speech of an Obama supporter, as well as a Romney supporter. Both of those individuals support an interventionist foreign policy which directly results in the murder of civilians, the wounding of civilians, as well as the deaths and wounding of our soldiers... And yet somehow, a supporter of either of these candidates is considered "normal?"

If anyone wants to criticize a birther, truther, or bilderburger (none of which do I personally belong to), I will happily defend their interrogative SPEECH against an Obama/Romney supporter's VOTE.