Comment: This thread is a disgusting shame!

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This thread is a disgusting shame!

Jack hunter is one of the most articulate intellectuals of our movement there is and he has all the respect in the works in my eyes and deserves every bit. He ha helped me articulate what I've thought and helped me win debates countless times. His videos have helped me convert countless neo con friends of mine including ,y father. His intellectual explanations of our movement have further strengthened my beliefs in our principals. Who will help convert more mainstream conservatives to our movement, Alex jones or jack hunter? If you pick jones you need to get your head examined (not to insult Alex, because I respect him too half of the time, but I'm just being realistic)... Just because he offended people that believe in conspiracy theories? So what that he has a different opinion than you, are you that arrogant?? I thought hewas wrong the way he alienated those who believe in conspiracy theories and he was simply wrong about that, but that does not negate all the good he's done and to say it does negate shows just how radical your religious dogmatic faith in those theories are!

Lastly, how dare you put him in the same category as that POS Jesse Benton! That is going too far. Jesse Benton is scum and has shown to bea traitor and look who he is helping outside liberty movement: McConnell.. Who does jack help outside of liberty movement: Jim demint. That shows the difference right there. Too me, the author of this thread has shown that not believing in conspiracies negates belief in constitution, limited government, property and individual liberty. Since you do think the former negates the latter, you need to check your priorities because I am offended as a liberty movement die hard from 07

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