Comment: On the subject of the mother being the host

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On the subject of the mother being the host

Just like the baby has to survive from the mother's body, what if someone (severely handicapped for eg.) who has to rely on others to survive is neglected and is left to die? This is the process of euthanasia. You say it is the mother's body, so it's her choice what to do with the baby. In this instance, it's your individual time spent to help these people, so you should have the ability to make the choice to care for the person or neglect them to their demise. Scientist all agree the cells of the fertilized egg are living and are human just as these severely handicap people who depend on us to survive are living and human. Does everyone have the right to liberty or only the ones that can speak for themselves? I feel that if we don't stand up for the ones being attacked, we are next just as many after the Jews in WWII. If their is no value or respect for life, your liberty and right to life will be at stake. Mark my words.