Comment: When does common sense

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When does common sense

Take precedence over somebody's definition of 'conservatism' or for that matter 'libertarianism'.. adhering to such notions is exactly what is wrong with this country.
Are you content to consume processed food that, in many cases, originated in Asia, or elsewhere, without defined labeling. Food that may not have undergone screening for contamination, infestation or content, and sold to you simply to maximise profit, while holding the stance that your being 'fiscally conservative'.
Feeding unlabelled GMO based foods to children, because your 'libertarian', and don't consider mandated disclosure a part of your philosophy.

You either support 37 or you support RP's view, or both, but it means getting active on both stances..simply doing nothing, other than to hold a view, is to condone the proliferation of contaminated food.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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