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Lincoln was no doubt what

Lincoln was no doubt what today would be seen as an extreme racist, but in his own day would have been seen as normal racism.

But to say that Lincoln did not support the 13th Amendment is just plain wrong. Long before he became president Lincoln was an outspoken voice for abolition of slavery. In fact, Lincoln's "white dream" that is mentioned in this article is a PART of his abolitionist ideals. Its well documented that Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery AND ship out all negroes to another country.

This article associates "racism" as being the equal to "anti-abolitionist", which is not a true association. There were many abolitionist who were very racist indeed. Many of the "free states" of the north had within them extremely racist laws governing blacks. The so called "black codes" that were used for reason to attack the south under the Reconstruction acts, these black codes also existed in many northern states. These northern states SUPPORTED abolition, but were very racist at the same time. Racist does not equal pro slavery, pro abolitionist does not equal non racist.

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