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Gold and Green!

Great colors. A's colors. I'm a Giants fan, but I like the A's too.

Instead of the 3 or 4 national candidates doing that, it should be up to the State Parties of those candidates to focus like that. The Greens should focus on a few states they think they can win, based on the State Party activism, Constitution the same, Libertarian the same.

The job of the national candidates is to get into the debates. Their job is to change the way the media and the public see the presidential election, and politics in general, but getting into the Debates and being part of the dialouge.

The job of winning electoral college votes is up to the State Parties, not the national candidates. The National Candidates job for third-parties and Independents is to get into the Debates.

In order to win Electors the State Parties need to build their voter base over the next four years; first with local election/issues, then with state wide, then again with local, then again with state. Keep that up and you will know when it is time to win Electors.

Jack Wagner