Comment: Communes in the '60's

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Communes in the '60's

I knew people who decided to join or start communes back in the late '60's, early '70's. The guy who joined an already established household of about 8 members thought it was great. The women cooked, others brought food to the house, mostly the women cleaned, everyone experimented with each other sexually. But no one ever had money and the guy I knew could never find his wallet when it came to giving "donations" in order to pay the rent. They got tired of him real quick and threw his a.. out! In a brotherly way, of course. It ended up being pretty much the same with the woman I knew who started a commune. She decided who stayed and who didn't, which wasn't really how it was supposed to work. Her's did last quite a while. I could tell she'd had enough. But she was gracious enough to let the others know that she was ready to "grow" in another direction and so they had to move out. It really never does work.