Comment: General Petraeus.... Afghanistan [Faint] - John McCain, Sen AZ

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General Petraeus.... Afghanistan [Faint] - John McCain, Sen AZ

John McCain, Senator Arizona: ... Afghanistan...
[Mr P passes out. Slumps on table.]

We are going to call a short recess.

General Petraeus at US Senate Arms Services Hearing. 2 minute newsreel. Date: 2010 it seems. General faints during Senator John McCain's questioning at Senate Arms Services hearing related to f military action in Afghanistan. Petraeus slumped over in his seat. He was helped by aides and walked out of the Senate hearing. Afterwards he told reporters that he felt better after a couple of bananas. The hearing was adjourned and will resume later. He probably didn't have enough water to drink coming in here this morning. But he appears again minutes later. The hearing was then recessed.

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