Comment: I used to be a hard-core

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I used to be a hard-core

I used to be a hard-core liberal Democrat. I started becoming politically active in 2003, when the War on Iraq begun. I was strongly anti-Bush and anti-war. Was economically ignorant but never opposed the free market at all.

I supported Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich for President in 04 and voted for John Kerry in the election. My real awakening started towards the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006. I watched Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Fascism" and looked up both Aaron Russo and Ron Paul. They gradually woke me up and brought me around to the libertarian/constitutionalist side.

In 2007, that was the year I broke free. A year before, I was an independent but then in March of 2007, I read that Ron Paul was going to run for President! My dad was supporting Tancredo and Hunter, I saw some good things about those 2, but I fell in love with Ron. The thing that attached me to Ron 100% was his 9/11 moment with Giuliani, seeing how principled and concerned he was for our country. That got me hooked! I stayed Republican until the end of 2007 and became an independent until 2011. Then I re-registered Republican to vote for Ron again.

Ron Paul was my history teacher, economics teacher and civics teacher, all in one, and I'm totally grateful for having come across such a great leader!!