Comment: I was considered a liberal...I believe.

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I was considered a liberal...I believe.

I'm anti-war, I loved B. Clinton (I thought), I wanted Hilary in '04 (anyone but McCain/Palin), I supported my wife to vote Obama, I hated Bush...
After years of hating the Government and their BS War on Drugs I found Dr. Paul (it was Dr. Paul's position on the War on Drugs that brought me to the rEVOLution)...Now I am a full blown Constitutionalist/Libertarian...I'm even more than that, I'm actually an Alex Jones fan too. LOL. Shit I even left the states due to the tyranny that I was seeing...
I do believe in a woman's right to choose, yet I would never take part in anything to do with an abortion...
I have only found one position of Dr. Paul's that I do not agree with...I do not believe in abolishing birth right citizenship, I believe if you were born in the USA you are an American...Period.
(I couldn't trust anyone that I didn't disagree with just a little) Since my enlightenment I have limited out in donations $2500 USD to the Dr. and I financially supported 4 different delegates, 2 in MO and 2 in MN, for their trips to their state conventions...Now I'm hurt but ready to stay in the fight...I look at it this way...The presidential race was a wash and a joke...But WA, CO, and 5 cities in MI legalized weed and this gives me hope that our mentality is catching on...As the great band, The Grateful Dead, said, "we will survive".

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!