Comment: Anarcho-communism or commonism is Christian not StateCommunism

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Anarcho-communism or commonism is Christian not StateCommunism

The problem here is that many people do not understand the real root of communism is libertarian. The State has always been the plunderer of publicly managed land called the commons. The tragedy of the commons is a myth. When we realize that each individual is born into life with certain rights of which we must apprehend and appropriate, the solution to our current political situation becomes clear. There are arguably more than one type of potential ownership that we must grasp. First of course there is self ownership. This I argue, yes, is the primary right. We define ourselves as selfowners who as such have the right to free movement. The right to roam is very important. In fact when the bible says, 'do not move the ancient boundaries', which is always against the backdrop of other peoples free use of unowned pastoral lands. See Isiah 5:8 and Proverbs 23:10. Reading in Isiah chapter 5 (in context) we see that by greedily destroying the commons we have also encroached on our destruction with poor agricultural practices.
The idea that each person can and should grasp a property right in our common heritage counters the idea that the unowned land cannot be managed without the tragedy. The Leveller/Digger movement of Gerard Winstanley (1649) was an attempt to regain the commons and establish the libertarian right not to be enclosed.
Furthermore, I argue that land cannot be owned (land is undefined). We can however own the fruits of our labor! These are the things we take from the land or "create". There is always a tension yes between the self owner and the group. However the self owner also has "ownership" in the commons. As long as each person does not abuse his usufruct rights this tension does not arise. There is and has been the management of the commons and its resources bye all peoples and communities throughout the earth.
The idea of communism brings up communes in peoples minds where all property is held in common. This is but one form that primitive Communism can take. The others are Eco-villages, Coop and the Cohousing movements. See for the varied intentional communities trough the world.
As libertarians we must take the high ground and realize this is a current movement. In fact the State has been the biggest encroacher on the commons holding it polluting it, limiting its use and finally privatizing it. Libertarians in their fetishizing private property have missed the boat completely. We have denuded our movement.
The best place to start is to study the historical unity between the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Commons. The short video series #1-13. I highly recommend it for inspiration and understanding.
The green movement, the Occupy movement and the doctrines of Permaculture can all be seen as an energy toward understanding the management of and taking back of the commons. We as a 'movement' must make it our central theme!!
The left/right split has always been a scam. Our battle is against CORPORATISM along with its technocratic bureaucracies not Socialism/Communism. When the state control over the commons is finished and competitive currencies emerge markets will still exist. Markets will always exist because of the unequal distribution of resources and talents throughout the earth. However, markets can be levelled by eliminating patent/intellectual property right privilege, and other monopolies which Benjamin Tucker discussed. He mentioned four, but there are many. Our movement to regain the commons along with the Ron Paul Revolution should start to do this.
See Stephanie Murphy's narated audio book accessed in Here I recommend reading first before listening. Here you can find the libertarianism in Tucker, Proudhon and the radical Murray Rothbard and Karl Hess.
Roderick Long's A plea for 'public' Property. Brad Spangler's Market Anarchism as Stigmeric Socialism is also a recommended.
Another great work is Kevin Carson's property: A libertarian Analysis.
There is so much to say on this topic that I am leaving out because it could take volumes. If anyone is interested reply.