Comment: I think he's genuine. Being

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I think he's genuine. Being

I think he's genuine. Being skeptical of whatever We Are Change says doesn't really make you a neo-con. I fear most people here do not even know the definition of neo-con.

I like We Are Change and think they are helpful in spreading Ron Paul's message to centrists and progressives who may already hold similar views on things like Bilderberg. Jack Hunter is just spreading the same message a differentvway to a different base, conservatives. Jack Hunter has a fairly strong argument against We Are Change, that Peter Thiel, a Bilderberger, donated large sums of money to Ron Paul. Perhaps Peter is trying to co-opt the Ron Paul movement...or maybe he's trying to infiltrate Bilderberg, who knows. Bilderbergers deserve criticism for what they do while outside the meetings and Thiel has shown himself to (outside of Bilderberg) be a supporter of liberty.

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