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Dixie, If you don't mind, I


If you don't mind, I would really prefer to stay in my condo instead of moving into a cave. Secondly, I am not depressed. How I would describe the two of us is as follows: I am a liberty minded realist who can easily see the direction that our country has taken. And no, I do not mean this last election, instead, I am referring to the direction that our country has been going in since at least the forties. We were supposed to be (IMHO) a Constitutional Republic, not an empire. But we (the U.S.) have become an empire and as far as I know, every empire has eventually gone the same way. And it seems to me that the end of this empire is quickly approaching. And you sound like someone who had had a Walt Disney blue bird fly up your butt. Everything is wonderful and we are going to fix our beloved republican party and be wonderfully free for a long, long time. The beloved republican party destroyed the Constitution when Lincoln was president.

Now please don't get me wrong. I can see the positive side of most things. Take this last election as an example, I am so happy that Willard Romney was defeated and that history will show that Willard will be remembered as being just another Bob Dole or John McCan't. And history will show that the GOP has been a political party that has been just as detrimental to this nation as has the democrat party. The right wing and the left wing political parties in america are the wings of the same bird. And that choosing either side is as appealing as choosing between AIDS or Cancer. Both Suck and both lead to a painful death. The people who run the republican party also control the democrat party. And those same people control both MSNBC and Faux. They also control the newspapers and the radio stations. Now tell me again how you are going to take over and control the republican party?

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!