Comment: Needed: more "do-ers"

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Needed: more "do-ers"

Just watched the first video. Good stuff, Maynard.

Moving on to the next one.

As a form of confirmation regarding government ineptitude during times of crisis - I had first-hand, exclusive access on the Mississippi river as a "do-er" (insuring river clearance to 40-foot depth for Navy ships and other vessels with deep drafts) two days after Katrina made landfall. The petty politics at play during this clearance operation was nothing short of in-human. My "take-home message" from that experience? DO NOT EVER RELY ON THE FEDS FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN GRIEF! And, expect the feds to literally throw up road blocks to humanitarian relief from anything resembling grass-roots.

I know for a fact that useful information and "organized" assistance are completely absent in emergencies like this. I also know for a 100% certainty that federal agencies play the 'financial numbers' game and the 'political favors' game to the exclusion of consideration of humanity in the wake of natural disasters.

Thanks for posting, Bar_T

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