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Comment: You're right!

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You're right!

We really do need to know what's going on, because people are dying and becomming disabled and sick. The lottle bit that I have read about Sandy has mostly been in emails from a few DPers who are suffering.

The first video I watched was the last, and it's hard to watch because the transmission is weak. I think some important points are made, and one that strcuk me was the suggestion that it is our American Culture post WWII. This is very very true, and I watched it happen at American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars organizations where the WWII vets stick together to keep the grunts of Nam and everyone else out. Veterans for Peace for example were not allowed to hold meetings at their owjn groups.. and yes these are private groups, still.. it was as if there was a disenfranchisement of vets within vets, as we saw in the GOP the disenfranchisement of Ron Paul Republicans.

I do not think any of this is happening by accident or neglect, but I do believe it is being done another great point made is as bad as Katrina was, there was some accountability for infrastructure, more blame really, where with Sandy, there seems to be a blackout, so the rest of the nation is clueless to what is going on unless they know someone or search.

With that, I lift NY and NJ up in prayer, that all the victims find what relief they need soon, and that American wake up to help, come together and reverse this culture of "each man for himself to death do us part".