Comment: I love it when people down-vote something I write when

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I love it when people down-vote something I write when

I'm only stating the obvious.

"We don't want the obvious, we want the obscure un-attainable force that is not force solution"

Some DPers are like 10 year olds finding out Santa is not real, but refusing to believe it by citing the Miracle on the 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life as proof.

NO -- Your parents lied to you because there's no observable magic in the world and your childish mind must be treated as such.

This is the same "promise" (of happy ever after) that voting and lobbying does -- That by: Abdication of Self-Rule and Bribery (voting and lobbying respectively) you can obtain Self-Rule and Liberty.

That's the promise; though it's never happened once in all human history -- freedom has only ever come to the victor of bloody war or after most or all the advantage can be pulled out of a people via fiat agency.

That type of "freedom" never lasts because having never understood liberty in the first place the "freed" people create a gov't that closely mirrors the old -- always putting all the power in the hands of the few -- IN EVERY INSTANCE FOR ALL HUMAN HISTORY.