Comment: So, for all of YOU (us) to know :

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So, for all of YOU (us) to know :

So, for all of YOU (us) to know :

the "doctors" say it is OKAY to have other adults have sex with YOUR kids.

The legislator can now follow up on this and make it legal.

Oh, and how dare you find it immoral ?

You must be an intolerant pedophiliaphobic cretin. No, wait : you are sick to not see it as a matter of preference.

Nevermind the age or psychological fragility of kids before adult time maturity.

Send me YOUR little girls and boys, all your pre-teen sons and daughters :

I know a guy in my neighborhood who feels bored for years, now, but bear with me ...

... I ***PREFER*** that he doesn't meet MY kids.

But him to meet **YOURS*** that's all fine. You don't need to be around to watch, anyway.

Come on, don't be intolerant... Don't deny his pedophile "rights".

Thanks !

How sweet... I see one downvote. Whoever did it either :

didn't get my sarcasm


feels that these doctors are right to not see pedophilia as such a big deal.

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