Comment: I Support Amash Being Amash

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I Support Amash Being Amash

...continuing to speak out for liberty and stand tall with the principles that made us all detect "truth" like we had never heard it in Ron Paul.

I feel strongly that Amash has convictions and commitment, like Ron Paul, to continue to be a voice for liberty in the positions where he believes he can do the most for the cause. There are others.

Nonna, in another post you wisely reminded us stated that we have four years, the last two will most likely present potential candidates for the Senate, the House, local positions...and even President. We should and will continue to scrutinize these "potentials" them like hawks and, where we deem them worthy and honest, support them in everything they do for liberty.

By doing this...exposing the wrongs...and fighting for the rights...educating the young...supporting any efforts by Ron Paul and others to raise awareness...we are acknowledging the measuring stick, but also building the platform and support base for all "true" liberty candidates. This is critically important right now.

Overly much emphasis on this this time...of who should be President opens the door for criticism and DIVISION. Division we do not need. We need unity behind some very basic principles that are the backbone of liberty and we need to build local coalitions strengthening the base. After all, it is States who elect their Senators and Congressmen which indicates, to me, act and educate locally.

I LOVE Amash and the Judge and a precious handful of others. We can expect many to ride on the coattails of any enthusiastic movement and we need to call them out if they are usurpers. For the "good guys"...let no harm come to them from us.

Even as we do this, I believe firmly that we should stand behind and applaud liberty efforts by any Congessman or Senator over the next two or so years and attempt to avoid overly criticizing them because we do not agree with everything they are doing. If like a Rand, they are standing strongly behind any liberty principles, avoid attacking the messenger and applaud the message in this area.

Also, we should leave open the door for many to rethink positions they have taken in the past. Crises are coming and they are going to be severe. Many will have the opportunity to change their stripes. I, for one, will watch those who say they have had an epiphany like a hawk, but as one who has changed many opinions and positions through education and expanded awareness, I believe there are those in Congress or running for Congress who might also grow and question prior positions.

Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot!