Comment: You're what's wrong.

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You're what's wrong.

I wonder how many times in the past 4 years you've called people sheep and retards?

Stop exalting yourself! Maybe people will listen. You aren't any smarter or better than the people around you. They have their own eyes, ears and functioning minds. With such little respect, why should I think you want anything but misery and butchery for the people you hate?

That entire article sounded like you masturbating your ego. I feel like I just walked in on you jerking it to a picture of yourself.

"Ron Paul would not have won because his talking points are way-way-way over people's heads."

Then why would the GOP try so hard to silence him and his supporters? The GOP knows damn well that people will understand just fine.

That's why you fail, you don't think people will understand, that they're just sheep and retards, something less than you. Stop beating people down and try raising them up.

That would require something you don't have though wouldn't it; respect. You need to meet something more powerful than yourself, I just hope you do before it's too late.