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"Real supporters of Liberty"

The problem with "real supporters of liberty", is I don't believe there is any such thing. Ron Paul takes a huge learning curve, the older GOP, who thinks he's a kook, don't want to learn. They want to win, hook or crook. Those who have grudges against Rand for endorsing Romney don't want to compromise, or win, but rather talk conspiracy theory and make excuses to not get in the GOP and fight WITH Ron Paul. That is their right and I'm not knocking them for their choice, but I don't agree, and I'm not going to post as if I agree, when I don't. It's doesn't mean I'm againt them, but I'm not WITH them. I'm WITH Rand, who is not trying to make it fit, but is making it fit.

I joined the LP in 76, changed my registration to Indy in 93, and became a Republican a year and a half ago. I'm new to the GOP and find it is NOTHING like I imagined.

For myself, there are Ron Paul Republicans who are in the GOP, occupying seats, and they are all with Rand.. the ones I know. And then there are those who refuse to join the GOP.. Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Democrats, Indy's.. we do not talk the same language of liberty, and I believe this comes from experience in the GOP, to those who want to tell us all about the GOP but will be damned if they will go to a meeting or event and SUPPORT the Ron Paul Republicans who got in to give Ron Paul the nomination.

You can stand on your rooftop and toss constitutioons and CDs to everyone you know, shout Ron Paul non-stop, work yourself to exhaustion, spend more money than you have on campaigns, but to me, it's not going to change the GOP or restore the republic.

The campaign is over. Those of us with seats have two years of WORK to do, and it would be nice if those who LOVE Ron Paul would fight with us, but if their choice is to not, I respect that, because not everyone is not going to be ready, willing and able to fight.

I think Ron Paul is right on in that it's time for the LP to take the GOP.. "it's a fight for ideas", GOP is just a format, one we can change, but only by joining.