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Comment: Ok what is the politically correct term?

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Ok what is the politically correct term?

Is it anti-life? Don't we all love life?

Why not call it like it is. Pro-choice sounds like you are all for choosing what you want to do for a living, what you want to eat for dinner, what dress to wear.

Honestly, this is about whether you support abortions or you don't. Stop trying to put a pretty name on it so you can pretend its not about what it's really about. You support peoples right to abort their babies. Fine. Stand by it then. Quit hiding with misleading phrases born of propaganda.

It's like they call the health care bill "Affordable Care Act" Affordable? who can afford it? Care? What kind of care are you going to get and for how long?

Why don't we call it what it really is. Tax and control bill. We are going to link the IRS to your bank account and tax you till your sick. Then we will control just what kind of health care you get.

So stop with your politically correct terms and own up to what you believe.