Comment: Anarchist right?

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Anarchist right?

Sorry, Anarchists aren't Libertarians.

They're godless Communists standing next to Libertarians holding a black flag screaming: "I am an enemy of the state!"

They're people who hate everything and everyone, and it flows out of them through their words. I've yet to encounter a single Anarchist who can explain themselves, and I say it's because they're phonies who can't tell you what they actually are.

Libertarians represent justice, and want a government that uses collective force to do one thing; defend peoples liberty.

"Freedom, liberty, and their common defense."

Anarchists represent the Judas Goats and naive, those who'd unleash mans covetous nature in a free market.

I can see why you hate the idea of a government that defends liberty.

Listen to yourself, and ask yourself; why would anybody believe that you want people to be free? You see them as soulless animals, something so stupid they can barely think. Why not just spread chaos and laugh into your hand as they kill each other, as they do what you couldn't do yourself?