Comment: The bridge that exists

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The bridge that exists

Is between the Neoconservatives and Neoliberals who have destroyed this nation by manipulation of parties with their left/right march right over the constitution.

We live in a world structured by games, and some games, like politics, is all about teams. The Neocons have a paid plan from corproations. None of us are being paid, and yet we need to find a way to unite.. it's why I joined the GOP.. to unite WITH Ron Paul.

Here in CA, a blue state, where in my county Obama took over 80% of the vote, and LOATHE everything $Ron Paul stands for, far more than the Republicans who can at least appreciate some of his ideas.

It would be one thing if we had the GOP packed and needed to expand into the Democratic Party as the Neo/NWO bi-party has done. I was hoping that by changing the GOP and taking it, we could have a good fight with Democrats, but your plan for us to spread out, when we are already spread out, is not a winning plan.

It's an excuse to not join the GOP.