Comment: Ron Paul is a thinking man--

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Ron Paul is a thinking man--

and most Americans don't think.

Do they not think, because of fluoride/chemicals in food, etc.? Because of public education?
Because of the MSM?

Or are a majority of people non-thinkers?

Some can claim that the founding fathers believed a majority of people to be followers/non-thinkers--

but despots/tyrants/oligarchs have always taken advantage of at least that idea--

How do people learn to be free? How do they develop the freedom/thinking ability? Is it a gene?

I don't know. One of my parents was a thinker; the other was a follower with a good mind.

Why do people not want freedom?

Dr. Paul wanted to wake people up; he woke up some--

but many of *those* he woke up are still followers, still unable to find their own way without leadership--

It's hard to be a thinker/freedom lover in the closed box that is *our* present society/culture. Very hard--

Hard to break out, even if you want to--

so many rules, regulations; so many cameras--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--