Comment: FEMA= Epic Failure is Good

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FEMA= Epic Failure is Good

My heart goes out to those whose lives have been disrupted by natural or orchestrated disasters. There will be many more. Out of those there are "random acts of kindness" with communities taking care of their own. Gradual movement away from the growing attitude of "let the government take care of me and everyone" can and only be effected by a gradual return to the awareness that only locally are the real needs known and the necessary and timely ability to help those in need.

We all shudder at "out of chos there will be order." That inscription does not have our best interests at fact, just the opposite.

However, I would like to propose that there is another way of looking at it' i.e. "Out of Chaos, there can be the necessary education and awareness to create true order."

At this point in our countries "take-over" by those who play upon the fact that we have not moved from evil narcissism to the place of wise altruism, we need "man;y" epic failures of Federal Government programs in order to change the paradigm.

Those who are living through the epic failure of FEMA are also awakening to the fact that the Federal Government is impotent in dealing with local disasters. Long live failure...(for right now.)