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Comment: Only 1 commune left from the 60s

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Only 1 commune left from the 60s

Communism as a form of government is a Utopian dream that quickly becomes a nightmare but on a small scale it is possible - barely.

Of all the communes that developed in the 60s there is only one left that didn't self destruct and they took a different path. I am referring to Jesus People USA Instead of isolating themselves they are in the heart of Chicago taking up a city block. They are open to visitors and have a heart to serve the city and the world. I am not a part of them but have meet some of them. From their commune they operate a shelter, a record studio, a t shirt business, a roofing supply company, a cabinet making company. One way they help is by giving the people in the shelter training and jobs to give them skills to get back on their feet. They have many other ministries as well.