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good heavens--

Octobox has ideas; he shares them. So he caps "I've been saying it for years"--

he feels strongly about his ideas. Your post is the more disturbing one. It sounds really hateful.

And personal. I don't 'know' you, not sure if I even recognize your name--

but there's a lot of vitriol in what you write--

Yes, the GOP silenced Dr. Paul, a man for whom I have great admiration (which is rare)--

but the fact is that most people would not have allowed his ideas to be implemented. I do believe there is a shadow government running things (Dr. Paul used that word, "shadow government", though he was also very careful not to be identified with the 'truthers', because it would have destroyed his effectiveness)--

and the shadow government used the GOP to silence Dr. Paul--

but if more Americans were awake, the shadow government could not be so successful.

Yes, many of *us* have egoes, but I sense that your ego just stubbed its toes on Octobox's ego--

nothing more; nothing less.

Let the man have ideas!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--