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Yes, they should be banned

That doesn't make labeling a canard. It's a weapon, that citizens can use to fight the biotech companies. In this case, control of the government is the battlefield. The companies have completely dominated all levels of government, and public perception. You believe the science is reliable and GMOs are "reasonably" safe, because they have destroyed the researchers who came to a different conclusion, drove them out of their university jobs, and destroyed their reputations. Dissenting science is recent, and still mostly anecdotal.

The marketplace works though, even in science. To combat Monsanto's ruthless tactics against researchers, and incredible success at hiding their activity from the public, Russian scientists are going to conduct the research in public:

This supporter of labeling sees it as a corrective action to restore the free market. Can you imagine a situation where a seemingly anti-libertarian government action actually promotes a free market?