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Comment: You don't need a politically

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You don't need a politically

You don't need a politically correct term. You need an ACCURATE term. "Pro-abortion" would mean that you want and seek to have babies aborted. That is absurd.

If you think that a fertilized egg or a blastocyst is a human life due the same protections as one outside the womb that can respire on its own, I can understand that. Given developmental stages, spontaneous abortion rates, and the way humans actually react to losing a fetus in its early stages of pregnancy, I don't see it that way. Then, when I compare the 'rights' of a blastocyst to the rights of an autonomous living and breathing human, I do not see them as equal. MANY other people in this nation don't either. I also don't see an agreement coming anytime soon.

Pro-life and Pro-choice are not terms I came up with, nor are they terms I care for. I am not advocating their use. However, they are nearly universally recognized by both groups. I'm telling you that the term "pro-abortion" is both wrong and idiotic. Incidentally, carrying an unplanned or unwanted fetus to term is a choice, too.