Comment: Farewell Neocon Republicans't?

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Farewell Neocon Republicans't?

What's that stratigy? Gonna sign wave them to death? Pass them a few constitutions? Maybe you'll talk to everyone you see about liberty as that will undo them? Pfffft LOL

OH OH OH I get it.. I voted for Romney unlike all the Neocons who voted for Obama, becaue they ran Romney to LOSE, they fought us to get Romney to lose.

And everyone who voted for GJ, wrote in RP, didn't vote, helped the Neocons (NEO as in NEW as in NWO) re-select Obama.

The Neocons want nothing more than to join the Neoliberals in a ONE PARTY NWO. That ain't me, and if I had to do my vote over again, KNOWING RP would NOT win, and any kind of vote for anyone who has NO chance in winning is a vote for the imcumbant, I would vote Romney.. not because I like to believe in Romney, but because I don't like or believe in Obama, to keep my Republican seat so I can work for OUR liberty.

Wave that sign.