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Comment: It Is :NOT a Wisdom Strategy

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It Is :NOT a Wisdom Strategy knock any individual's decision about how he or she can best spread the message of liberty, Wisdom.

There are many paths, many prongs, many strategies, many individual approaches to spreading the message of liberty.

The truth within any approach lies with the sincerity of the individual taking that approach. I happen to know Granger personally and can attest to her sincereity. I can also attest to her belief that there are many prongs in the fork that WILL eventually stab evil politicians in the gizzard and expose them for what they are.

To dedicate yourself to down-voting or attacking the character of Granger makes me question your motives. I believe you to be sincerely for liberty because I first assume the goodness in all people. I would suggest that you ask yourself if fighting Granger because she IS doing something ie working locally (within the Republican Party) to change minds and give voice to liberty principles is constructive at this point in history.

We all need to find our best location to shout out for liberty and she has done just that. Where is your location and platform other than the DP. Because, you see, I will support your strategy as well if you can tell me. I, however, will ask myself if that strategy is wise. If I do not consider it wise, I will give you room for growth.

In the meantime everyone can choose which party to go to and what activities to participate in. Or they can choose "no party." However, if in order to lift their particular flavor of "liberty activism" they choose to knock others' attempts, I will in all cases call their stance divisive and immature.

I hope I did not insult you; however, before you tell a forum why someone else is must say why you are right. There are people within the Republican Party spreading an RP-like message. I vote FOR the message and choose not to ridicule any messenger.

PS. You and your pals are transparent...even if you are simply not deep thinkers or ill informed. Makes no difference.