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Absolutely Nonna

...And we have the PERFECT time for doing this! I find that very exciting and believe those who agree now have the opportunity and the tools to clean up the DP through education and "calling out" those who are transparently straying from the message. I even hope that this is in keeping with Michael's objectives with the work for liberty. If not, then it is a a big wide web with plenty of room for residency.

Many of us wish it was otherwise. Most of us wonder, given the system, just haw much a Ron Paul as President really could have done in the always unlikely chance that TPTB would have allowed him to be elected. And, while he WAS running for President sincerely...he KNEW he had to change minds if such a message COULD become President.

Now we work toward creating the atmosphere where that can happen or we all lie down in concert and fold or fight among ourselves providing fertile ground for any operative of any flavor.

My strong feeling is that the time had not come in 2008 or 2012...but the time HAS come now and the climate for such a paradigm shift is now. Every epic failure of government programs works with us and our message.

On the DP like minded people can join together RIGHT NOW, without the obvious roadblocks and perfect atmosphere for division that an election provides. Anyone here who is not for the message and can't stand behind anyone working for the message is against us not with us. Call them out. Educate them. Or, if need be silence them with logic and/or RP-like fatherly advice. Be Ron Paul-like in our demeanor may well be an important part of his legacy and our very salvation in building the base for a return to "we the people."